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There are several ways in which you can make Canada your new home. One of the most popular ways is to come to Canada as a "Skilled Worker". Canada is looking to attract 105,800 to 118,500 skilled workers in 2002.

Canada has many employment opportunities for the qualified person and welcomes Skilled Workers from every part of the world.
The goal of encouraging this type of immigration is to attract people with good education and employment skills who will contribute to canadas economic growth and development

In order to have a good chance of success under the Skilled Worker category you should:
  • Obtain 67 points out of a possible 100 points on your assessment

  • Have at least one year of full time work experience in a skilled occupation

  • Have post-secondary education

  • Be between the ages of 21 and 49

  • Speak, read and write fluently in the English and/or French language

  • Have a relative who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who resides in Canada

  • Have sufficient funds with which to immigrate to Canada

  • Be in good health

  • Have no criminal record

    • Finding employment in Canada is an integral part of the Skilled Worker program and is of great importance to most applicants. Depending on your occupation you may be able to secure rewarding employment opportunities in Canada. This is particularly true in sectors such as: information technology, applied technology, the sciences, finance and engineering. Opportunities exist for those who are determined and who do not shy away from hard work and perseverance.

      Although becoming familiar with the Canadian job market is important and encouraged, it is not necessary for you to have an official job offer from a prospective Canadian employer in order for you to be granted a Permanent Residence in Canada visa. In fact, the majority of applicants receive Permanent Residence visas without having received formal job offers. Whether or not you obtain a formal job offer prior to your immigrating to Canada, your efforts in familiarizing yourself with the Canadian labour market, specifically as it relates to your intended occupation in Canada, will impress the visa officer studying your application. This is because the overriding goal of the new selection system is to select skilled workers who will make the greatest contribution to the Canadian labour market and have the best opportunities for economic establishment. Researching and knowing the labour market even before you immigrate will not only show the visa officer that you are motivated but will also increase your chances of finding a suitable job upon your arrival in Canada.