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Whatever your interest in Canada, a Canadian-based lawyer who practices Canadian immigration law exclusively can be of great assistance to you. I am a member in good standing of the Law Society of Upper Canada (Ontario), the Canadian Bar Association (Immigration Section), and the American Bar Association (International Associate Member). To date, I have helped over a thousand people from all over the world with their applications for Permanent Residence in Canada. The opportunity to be exposed to such a large volume of applicants has allowed me to develop the required skills, necessary insights and confidence to assist those who have an interest in immigrating to Canada under Canada’s different immigrant categories.

The small investment in obtaining professional legal assistance with the immigration application process makes sense for the following reasons:

  • To assess your case at the initial stage of the immigration process to determine whether you are eligible to immigrate to Canada under any one or more of Canada’s immigrant programs so that you do not commence the application process prematurely or needlessly,

  • To inform you in advance of the kind of criteria a visa officer is looking for when evaluating your chances of success,

  • To provide you with information on how you may become eligible for Permanent Residence in Canada in the event that you do not qualify at the present time under any of Canada’s immigrant categories,

  • To prepare your application (including the required application forms and supporting documents to initiate the procedure) in the best and most efficient way and according to the way the authorities require so as to ensure smooth processing,

  • To devise the best strategy and select the most appropriate Canadian Embassy/High Commission with which to file your application for Permanent Residence in Canada given your location and particular needs,

  • To highlight all of your strengths and address any weaknesses in the presentation of your application to the authorities,

  • To prepare you for the interview stage of the process or, alternatively, assist you in having the interview stage waived altogether,

  • To ensure that your application receives the fairest treatment possible,

  • To represent you before the proper immigration authorities, where necessary,

  • To advise you on all matters related to your immigration interests so that you will have peace of mind before and after you arrive in Canada.

What are further benefits of engaging the services of a lawyer who exclusively practices Canadian immigration law?

Issues often arise that are more complex than most applicants (and many visa officers and immigration consultants) fully understand and which merit the participation of an experienced Canadian lawyer. For example, Canadian and Quebec Immigration laws and regulations allow for the extensive use of discretionary authority by immigration officers. A Canadian immigration lawyer can recognize the presence of irregularities in the use of discretionary authority and intervene with the visa office on an ongoing basis where required. A diligent lawyer will ensure that unresolved irregularities are raised within the proper delays, and that the issues in question are properly addressed before the appropriate authorities.