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Q. Is there a difference between immigrating to Canada as an investor or as an entrepreneur?

A. Yes, as an investor you must invest a minimum amount of money in a government approved fund for a minimum of 5 years. There is no other requirement. An entrepreneur must purchase or establish a business in Canada, in which s/he will have active participation, within three years of landing. This information is designed to provide general information only and does not constitute legal or professional advice. Readers are encouraged to exercise due diligence and seek competent professional advice.

Q. In what sectors of enterprise does Canada encourage business activity?

A. Among those sectors in which Canada encourages business activity are manufacturing, information technology and communication industries, tourism development, export, biomedics, and avionics.

Q. Is there a Filing fee that must be submitted with my application for Permanent Residence in Canada under the Skilled Worker category?

Yes, there is a Filing fee in the amount of CAD$550 for the principal applicant and each dependent over the age of 19 and CAD$150 for dependents under the age of 19. This fee is NOT refundable in the event that your application is not accepted. There is also a Right of Landing fee in the amount of CAD$975 which applies to you and each dependent 19 years of age and over. This fee is refundable in the event that you are not able to land in Canada for whatever reason.