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Six times in the last decade, Canada has been ranked number one by the United Nations Human Development Index as the best country in the world in which to live.

  • For over two hundred years Canada has welcomed immigrants from around the world.

  • Canada has become the destination of choice for many of the world’s immigrants because it is a country of incredible resources, vast geography, diverse peoples, abundant opportunities, accessible health and social services, and because of its proximity to the United States .

  • Many jobs and business opportunities are available in Canada and Skilled Workers and Businesspersons are required to meet the demand.

  • Canada is an open, democratic and progressive society where newcomers are welcome to share in the country’s prosperity and community life.

  • Tolerance and social harmony are hallmarks of Canadian society, offering people the freedom to maintain and celebrate their ethnic and cultural heritage, while participating fully in Canada’s economy.

  • Canada has the world’s highest rate of post-secondary education enrollment, along with an excellent health care system.

  • Many immigrants who come to Canada bring with them the skills, determination and capacity for hard work and this greatly enriches the economic, social and cultural life of Canada.

  • Immigration already accounts for more than 70 per cent of net labour market growth, and by 2011 it will account for all of it, according to Statistics Canada.

  • Canada will look to attract up to approximately 210 000 to 235 000 new immigrants in 2002 with the emphasis firmly focused on immigrants with economic and professional skills.

  • The Canadian government accepts businesspersons and skilled workers from every part of the world.

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